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Carroll County DUI Attorney

The location where a person is cited for driving under the influence (DUI) can make an enormous difference in the outcome of their case. A difference of a couple of blocks can have a major effect on both the process of your Maryland DUI case and the outcome. It is extremely important that you hire an attorney that is familiar with the county where your case will be tried, as he will have a firm grasp of the legal system. A competent Carroll County Maryland DUI lawyer will know the judges, the state’s attorneys, and all of the idiosyncrasies involved in practicing law in Carroll County. Choosing Mr. Tayter as your Carroll County DUI attorney gives you a wealth of legal experience to use in crafting a successful defense.

Carroll County DUI Courts

In Carroll County there is only one district court and one circuit court. All DUI cases begin in the district court, located at 101 North Court Street in Westminster. The defendant in a DUI case has the option to have their case heard in front of a district court judge, a circuit court judge, or a jury. If you ask to have your case heard by a circuit court judge or a jury, your case will be transferred to the Circuit Court for Carroll County, located at 55 North Court Street in Westminster, and you will be given a new court date.

Get directions and more information for the Carroll County courts here.

Finding a Carroll County DUI Lawyer

Having an attorney who is familiar with the judges at both the district and the circuit court can help you select the venue that is best for your Carroll County Maryland DUI case. Mr. Tayter’s experience, knowledge, and familiarity with all courts in Carroll County will help you obtain the best possible result, given the specific facts of your case. In addition, The Law Office of Edward Tayter can help you with the administrative proceedings that accompany DUI criminal charges. Learn more about MVA hearings in Carroll County and how to protect your driving privileges here.

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Too many individuals make the mistake of accepting the charges against them, and foregoing legal representation. The consequence of this is that you are at the mercy of the state, and lack the knowledge and skill to construct a defense strategy. A Carroll County DUI lawyer will look at several aspects of your case to determine whether or not there are any blemishes in the prosecution’s case. For instance, were the field sobriety tests conducted according to protocol? Was the HGN test conducted eye-to-eye, or did the officer perform the test while you were sitting in the vehicle? Did the police officer even meet the burden of reasonable articulable suspicion to stop you in the first place? These are questions that an experienced attorney will ask, and get to the bottom of in order to defend your rights and interests. As such, it is, by and large, in your best interest to consult with a Carroll County DUI lawyer if you have been charged with a DUI/DWI, as such an attorney will act as an advocate and a barrier between you and law enforcement.

When you are trying to find a DUI lawyer who will help you with the charges you face, make sure you look for one that has experience in the local area that your case will be heard as well as a proven record of success in defending his or her clients. Mr. Tayter has built a reputation for his client-focused approach and his track record of getting positive results. A DUI charge is not something to take lightly. Both your freedom and your driving privileges are at stake due to administrative, civil, and criminal penalties that can be levied against you. In short, you deserve to hire the best attorney to help handle your case. Contact Ed Tayter today for a free consultation.

Mr. Tayter has experience handling DUI defense throughout the state of Maryland, but if you are seeking information or representation about DUI charges in the District of Columbia, visit our DC office website here.