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Driver’s License

A driver’s license is almost a necessity in today’s car-based society. For most people, not being able to drive is synonymous with not being able to work. When the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) tries to suspend an individual’s driver’s license, they must give that person an opportunity to challenge the suspension or request a restricted driver’s license or work permit. Mr. Tayter can help you defend your driver’s license at these administrative hearings. Learn more about a traffic lawyer can help you.

Before entering private practice, Mr. Tayter was an administrative judge at over 15,000 driver’s license suspension or revocation hearings. Mr. Tayter knows what the MVA is looking for in each case and will be able to take the most effective approach to defending your driver’s license and your livelihood.

Your right to drive

If you are charged with a DUI or another serious traffic offense, your right to drive could be put in jeopardy. If you need to drive to get to your job or fulfill family responsibilities, this could have a very significant negative impact on your life. Don’t let a DUI charge hamper your ability to do the things you need to do. Contact a qualified DUI attorney who can help you maintain your ability to drive and the privileges that are associated with it. If your daily life relies upon the right to drive, it is imperative that you hire someone with experience defending clients in a similar position and helping them obtain the best possible results in their case. Contact Ed Tayter today for just that experience.

Ed Tayter on the defense options one can pursue when initially charged with a DUI:

“In a DUI case you have a lot of options. You can decide which venue will hear the case. You can have the case heard in the district court in front of a judge or you can have the case heard in the circuit court in front of either a judge or a jury. At the trial in either court, you can enter a guilty plea or you can enter a plea of not guilty. You can also negotiate with the state’s attorney office to get them to drop certain charges in exchange for a guilty plea or even to drop all charges if they believe that their case lacks required proof.”

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