Frederick County DUI Attorney

The location where a person is cited for DUI can make an enormous difference in the outcome of their case. A difference of a couple of blocks can have a major effect on both the process of your Maryland DUI case and the outcome. It is extremely important that you hire an attorney that is familiar with the county where your case will be tried. A competent Frederick County DUI attorney will know the judges, the state’s attorneys, and all of the idiosyncrasies involved in practicing law in Frederick County. Mr. Tayter’s diverse range of experience with drunk driving charges in Maryland will help you understand the legal process of your Frederick County, MD DUI case and secure the best possible outcome.

DUI Arrests in Frederick County

In Frederick County there is only one district court and one circuit court. Both courts are housed in the same building, at 100 West Patrick Street in Frederick. All DUI cases begin in the district court. The defendant in a DUI case has the option to have their case heard in front of a district court judge, a circuit court judge, or a jury. If you ask to have your case heard by a circuit court judge or a jury, your case will be transferred to the Circuit Court for Frederick County, and you will be given a new court date.

Having an attorney who is familiar with the judges at both the district and the circuit court can help you select the venue that is best for your Frederick County Maryland DUI case. When you choose Mr. Tayter to represent you, you can rely on his experience, knowledge, and familiarity with all courts in Frederick County to guide your case to the best possible forum.

Mr. Tayter combines his local knowledge with his extensive trial experience to help ensure that each of his clients gets the best possible representation in their case. His detail-oriented and client-focused approach helps him deliver the best possible result in their case. You deserve to have an attorney that will treat each case he handles with the vigor and tenacity necessary to obtain the best result. Contact Mr. Ed Tayter today to begin building your defense.

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