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Frederick County DUI Attorney

The decision to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or using controlled substances can have severe and long-lasting consequences, particularly in Frederick County, Maryland. If a police officer is able to establish reasonable articulable suspicion, and pulls you over on the suspicion of DUI or DWI, it is very possible that the officer will attempt establish probable cause to make an arrest. If the officer proceeds to make an arrest, the consequences of conviction can become very real, very quickly. Between the criminal and administrative penalties, both a DUI and DWI should not be taken lightly. Law enforcement personnel are not looking out for your best interest, and it is important that you take advantage of your only ally – a Frederick County DUI attorney. Such an attorney is the only barrier between you and the prosecution, and will advocate on your behalf to protect your freedom and driving privileges. Continue reading to learn more about DUI in Frederick County, and if you have any questions or are currently facing charges, do not hesitate to contact experienced attorney Edward Tayter today.

DUI Procedure in Frederick County

In Frederick County there is only one district court and one circuit court. Both courts are housed in the same building, at 100 West Patrick Street in Frederick. All DUI cases begin in the district court. The defendant in a DUI case has the option to have their case heard in front of a district court judge, a circuit court judge, or a jury. If you ask to have your case heard by a circuit court judge or a jury, your case will be transferred to the Circuit Court for Frederick County, and you will be given a new court date.

Why Retain Legal Representation?

Even in light of the impending consequences associated with DUI and DWI in Frederick County, you may still be wondering why you should retain an experienced attorney. Legal representation, particularly in this area of law, is vital for a variety of reasons. First, such an attorney will be able to scrutinize every fact of your case, and expose flaws and improprieties in either law enforcement’s conduct or the prosecution’s case. This can potentially result in either the suppression of evidence, a reduction in penalties, or the outright dismissal of your case. Second, a DUI lawyer is a barrier between you and the authorities, and is specifically tasked with advocating for your best interests. The legal advice that such an attorney can provide may save you from divulging incriminating information or acting in such a way that will further jeopardize your driving privileges. A Frederick County DUI lawyer is one, and most likely the only, ally that you have if you are facing charges. Third, an attorney can provide you with a clear understanding of what you are up against and how DUI is handled in Fredrick County. This bespoke advice can help to alleviate much of the anxiety associated with a DUI or DWI charge, and is almost certainly not going to be found by perusing the internet.

The Edward Tayter Advantage

Having an attorney who is familiar with the judges at both the district and the circuit court can help you select the venue that is best for your Frederick County Maryland DUI case. When you choose Mr. Tayter to represent you, you can rely on his experience, knowledge, and familiarity with all courts in Frederick County to guide your case to the best possible forum. Mr. Tayter has extensive knowledge regarding the administrative hearing process in the state of Maryland. As a former administrative law judge, Mr. Tayter rendered decisions in hundreds of administrative proceedings, including those that decided the fate of an individual’s driving privileges. As such, he is uniquely qualified to represent individuals facing DUI or DWI in the state of Maryland, and he utilizes this experience in an effort to gain the best possible result for his clients (depending upon the specific circumstances of the case).

Mr. Tayter combines his local knowledge with his extensive trial experience to help ensure that each of his clients gets the best possible representation in their case. His detail-oriented and client-focused approach helps him deliver the best possible result in their case. You deserve to have an attorney that will treat each case he handles with the vigor and tenacity necessary to obtain the best result. Contact Mr. Ed Tayter today to begin building your defense.