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Montgomery County DUI Attorney

The location at which a person is cited for DUI can make an enormous difference in the outcome of their case. A difference of a couple of blocks can have a major effect on both the process of your Maryland DUI case and the outcome. It is extremely important that you hire an attorney that is familiar with the county where your case will be tried. A competent DUI lawyer will know the judges, the state’s attorneys, and all of the idiosyncrasies involved in practicing law in Montgomery County. Having Mr. Tayter as your Montgomery County DUI lawyer can help you in understanding the process of your Montgomery County DUI case and in getting you the best possible outcome. Contact him today.

If you need information regarding DUI charges in Rockville, click this. Information about MVA hearings in Montgomery County is available here.

Montgomery County DUI Arrests

Montgomery County courts in Rockville where your case may be heard.

In Montgomery County there are two district courts and one circuit court. All DUI cases begin in the district courts, located at either 27 Court House Square in Rockville or at 8552 Second Avenue in Silver Spring. The defendant in a DUI case has the option to have their case heard in front of a district court judge, a circuit court judge, or a jury. If you ask to have your case heard by a circuit court judge or a jury, your case will be transferred to the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, located at 50 Maryland Avenue in Rockville. Montgomery County has instant jury trial prayers. This means that if you ask to have your case transferred to the circuit court, you will generally appear before a circuit court judge for a pre-trial settlement conference within a day of having the case transferred from the district court. For information on MVA Hearings, click here.

Having an attorney who is familiar with the judges at both the district and the circuit court can help you select the venue that is best for your Montgomery County, Maryland DUI case. Mr. Tayter’s experience, knowledge, and familiarity with all courts in Montgomery County will help guide your case to the best possible forum.

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