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Rockville DUI Attorney

Being convicted of a DUI or DWI in Rockville, Maryland can seriously interfere with your life. You could face jail time in addition to hefty fines and severe driving restrictions that can make it difficult to maintain your current employment or find employment in the future. Consequences are even more severe for repeat DUI offenders. If you’ve been charged with a DWI or DUI in Rockville, you owe it to yourself to employ the legal defense services of an experienced Rockville DUI lawyer.  Your lawyer will use all available legal resources in order to build a winning defense tailored to your specific case, and can assist you in escaping conviction, or, in the case of a guilty verdict, receiving a reduction in the penalties you’ll face.

DUI and DWI Criminal Defense in Rockville

Criminal charges don't always go to trial, but if they do your Maryland DUI Lawyer will fight for you.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Impaired (DWI) are covered by Maryland transportation code § 21-902, entitled “Driving while under the influence of alcohol, while under the influence of alcohol per se, while impaired by alcohol, or while impaired by a drug, a combination of drugs, a combination of one or more drugs and alcohol, or while impaired by a controlled dangerous substance.” This code makes it illegal to drive while under the influence of, or while impaired by, alcohol and/or drugs. This code applies in all areas of Maryland, including Rockville, and pertains to both highways and non-highways.

Maryland transportation code § 21-902(a) prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or alcohol per se as well as attempting to drive a vehicle under the same. State code § 21-902(a)(3) specifically makes it illegal to do the same while driving with a minor in the vehicle.

State code § 21-902(b) prohibits driving or attempting to drive a vehicle while impaired by alcohol. The difference between “impaired” and “under the influence” depends on the level of impairment detected by law enforcement officers, as measured by means such as field sobriety tests, Breathalyzers, and other tools used to detect blood alcohol content (BAC). Generally, the penalties associated with a DUI are more severe than the penalties associated with a DWI, since DUI charges imply a more extensive level of impairment. For more clarification on the laws in your area, contact an experienced Rockville DUI attorney today.

State code § 21-902(c) specifically prohibits driving while under the influence of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, with discretion given to law enforcement to determine whether the individual is too impaired to drive safely. State code § 21-902(c)(2) prohibits such driving even if the driver has a prescription or other entitlement to use the drug legally outside of operating a vehicle unless the individual was unaware that using the drug would impair their driving skills.

A number of circumstances can result in unfair DUI or DWI charges, particularly the discretion given to law enforcement officers to determine whether an individual is too impaired by drugs and/or alcohol to drive. Field sobriety tests, for example, largely rely on the perception of the officer and can therefore be skewed. This is why it’s so important to hire the legal assistance of a qualified, experienced Rockville DUI lawyer who will examine every last detail of your case to help you build a strong defense. This can lower your DUI charges to a DWI in some cases or even result in the wholesale dismissal of your case.

Driving Restrictions After a DUI or DWI Arrest

According to state transportation code § 21-902.1, it is illegal for a person arrested for an alleged DUI or DWI to drive within 12 hours of that arrest. Doing so will result in a subsequent arrest regardless of that person’s level of impairment or perceived ability to drive.

However, the driving restrictions rarely end here. Firstly, penalties for DUI and DWI convictions; including incarceration sentences, probation terms, required fines, and driving restrictions; vary greatly from region to region and judge to judge. However, a DUI or DWI conviction could result in serious restrictions on your license pertaining to when you’re legally allowed to drive. For example, you may only be allowed to drive your vehicle to and from your place of work. You may also be required, at your own expense, to install an Interlock device in your vehicle, which will measure your blood alcohol level and prevent your vehicle from starting if it determines that you’ve been drinking. These devices are expensive to both install and maintain. To learn more about the administrative proceedings that may result in the loss of driving privileges, see this page.

With the help of experienced Rockville DUI lawyer Ed Tayter, you can fight these types of DUI and DWI charges, assert your innocence, and avoid the aforementioned driving restrictions that could significantly alter your current quality of life.

If you have been charged with a crime other than DUI or DWI, please visit our Rockville criminal lawyer page for more information.