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I never even had a parking ticket before I was arrested for DWI. I didn’t know my rights, and I was completely overwhelmed by the whole arrest process. It was embarrassing and frustrating. The officers were professional but they certainly weren’t offering me any advice. My husband picked a lawyer, pretty much randomly because we had no experience with criminal charges before. Luckily he made a good choice. Mr. Tayter guided me and my family through the entire process. He was patient and explained my options at every stage. The whole DWI charge was still a lot to deal with, but he helped get a PBJ, a reduced fine, and best of all he helped me avoid jail time- something I was terrified of.

With one DUI arrest on my record already, I didn’t think I’d get much leniency from the judge. Mr. Tayter was honest about what I should be expecting and didn’t sugarcoat anything. He gave me good advice, and was a stand-up guy the whole time. I actually made out better than expected. I better never need him again, but I still keep his card in my pocket anyways.

You never want to hear sirens when you’ve made a bad choice. One night I did, and I found myself being arrested for DWI. Mr. Tayter gave me a free consultation and helped me sort out the mountain of legal paperwork and get it all filed correctly. At my hearing he was professional and helped me get a ruling I could live with.

When I picked up my third DUI in 10 years I was sure that I was going to go to jail. I called Edward Tayter, and I’m sure glad that I did. Mr. Tayter listened to me, explained exactly what I needed to do to stay out of jail. I took his advice, and the judge did what Mr. Tayter said he would, and didn’t send me to jail.

Thank you so much for handling my case the way that you did. You were a big help to me and the outcome of my sentence. I can’t believe with the severity of my case, five citations and a chance of going to jail for my DUI and accident, you knew how to get me a get out of jail free card. I already had enough on my plate with totaling my car and feeling guilty for the person I hit, so it was a huge weight off of my shoulders when we stepped out of the courtroom with a PBJ, unsupervised probation and all but court costs dropped. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends and family.

I was so frightened when I was arrested for my first DUI. Thank you so much for helping me get all the charges dropped and the case dismissed at the MVA. I don’t know what I would have done if I had been convicted or lost my license. Thanks to you, I don’t have to find out.

I was ready to put an Interlock in my car when I went and spoke to Mr. Tayter. He told me that I should request an MVA hearing instead. He was absolutely right. On the day of the hearing, Mr. Tayter argued my case and the judge told me that I could keep my license.

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